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September 2022

PLASSON Electrofusion Geothermal System



Even in summer, many people worry about the increase in gas and electricity bills after the rise in prices, mainly due to the electricity and natural gas deficit that is expected in the near future (global energy crisis). This situation is a big concern for those living in houses/apartments heated by gas or electricity.

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY takes advantage of heat contained in underground fluids and rocks. It is non-polluting, renewable and can be used for various purposes: heating homes, industrially or for producing electricity.

Thermal pumps

The first three meters of the Earth’s crust has a constant temperature of 10°-16°C. same as in caves, this temperature is slightly higher than the air in winter and lower than in summer.

Geothermal pumps use this feature to heat and cool buildings. Geothermal systems containing heat pumps and PE vertical collectors make use of Plasson fittings.

Geothermal drillings are done to a certain depth (established on the basis of heat transfer calculations), through which Polyethylene pipes absorb and transfer energy from the earth.

Heat pumps have entered the market in recent years, growing rapidly in use in the Romanian market, and are also often used in Western and Northern Europe. They have the advantage of lowering maintenance costs during winter (heating) and summer (cooling), by up to 60%.

COMPORSA - Quality in the Field of Drilling

SC COMPORSA SRL offers quality services in the field of drilling.
With an experience of over 10 years in the Romanian market, the range of services offered is very wide: water drilling, heat pump drilling, equipment drillings, medium control drillings, drilled piles and many other types of drilling.

For the execution of the work at Romkatel site (Magurele – Ilfov- saburb of Bucharest) the customer made use of PLASSON Electrofusion Geothermal fittings to make 40 geothermal ground vertical collectors.