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Code of Ethics

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner, according to the principles of corporate responsibility.
Our employees are committed to PLASSON’S core values.

Code of Ethics

The business code of ethics is the basis of corporate responsibility. PLASSON's code of ethics conveys the culture of the organization and aims to clarify and institutionalize the norms of behavior that express the values of society and its policies.
The code is another pillar of PLASSON's commitment to operate responsibly and morally since the beginning. The code was drawn up in a regulated and controlled process, with the cooperation of the company's employees and management. The code was approved by the company's management in 2011 and applies to PLASSON's sites.

Code of ethics factors

  • Employee Chapter: Human rights and employees, work environment, discrimination and harassment, employee population, company’s assets and resources
  • Suppliers and Business Partners Chapter: Relationships and Selection Processes, Conflicts of Interest and Favors
  • Competition, Authorities and Reports Chapter: Antitrust Law Requirements, Competitors, Registration and Reporting, Bribery and Corruption
  • Community Chapter: Relationships, Donations, Values and Principles of Community Engagement
  • Environment Chapter: Products and Technologies, Environmental Impacts, Environmental Management Systems


PLASSON has a written and implemented environmental policy in all activities. PLASSON is certified to the International Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and acts accordingly and in accordance with all state laws and regulations on this issue.

The company promotes, among other things, the following fields:
Developing products and technologies designed to protect the environment and reduce ongoing damage

Reducing environmental impacts

Use of environmentally friendly materials
Proper treatment of waste, wastewater and emissions
Prevention and/or reduction of environmental hazards
Reducing the use of energy and natural resources

Donations and Scholarships

  • Money donation budget for nonprofit organizations
  • Scholarships for children of employees: Since 2011, PLASSON has run a program of scholarships for children of employees. The scholarships are given to all applicants according to a fixed criteria and are known to all.