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May 2022

A MAMMOTH start for the new PLASSON MCP System


The Client

Mammoth Capital are experienced Boutique Property Developers specializing in creating apartments, often conversions to existing / iconic buildings. The majority of construction is carried out by their inhouse team Mammoth Construction, based in London UK.

icon The Project

PLASSON was asked to provide a solution for the division of the incoming watermain, to supply 37 apartments, in a very limited space. Products needed to be compliant with UK Water regulations and the specific requirements of the Water Utility company to allow their water meter to be connected.

icon PLASSON Solution

To offer the new PLASSON MCP system, consisting of bespoke manufactured manifolds and the new PLASSON MCP, (meter connection point).

icon The products

  • PLASSON PP-r manifolds with Series 1 connectors.
  • PLASSON MCP unit, ¾” x 32mm outlet.
  • Line 7 90mm fittings.


Edelman House was an iconic local landmark, but old office block in North London, named after an accountant who occupied the building for decades.

Property developers Mammoth Capital, have now converted this iconic building into 36 luxury apartments and 1 air B&B.

The 3 main challenges PLASSON were faced with:

  • No option to bring in two 63mm supplies, the pipe size required for up to 20 individual apartments.
  • Overall wall space was incredibly limited
  • The downstream supply to each apartment had already been fitted, in 32mm PE with pipes located extremely close to each other.

PLASSON were able to advise a 90mm supply would be required and assisted Mammoth in directing them to the developer services at Affinity Water, to request a change to the incoming supply pipe the Utility company provided.

The new PLASSON Manifold fabrication department were able to build 4 bespoke manifolds that could be joined together and set one above the other, to accommodate 37 outlets in as small a space as possible, but still leaving enough room for the water meters to be fitted.

The new PLASSON MCP (meter connection point) has been specifically designed to accommodate different incoming and outgoing connections, so it was simple to be able to connect to the PP-r manifold on the downstream side and 32mm PE on the upstream. All joints are either made by either Oring or flat seal, so all risk of jointing issues are removed.

The MCP incorporates a double check valve to protect against any potential crossflow and a drain point, just in case an individual dwelling needs maintenance in the future.


As a developer it is challenging to make the most from the space within a building in order to maximize the space available to the tenant. At Edelman house we were challenged with finding a cost effective, fast and efficient way of splitting the water supply to multiple apartments, and meeting the requirements of the water utility company and the meters they provide, within an extremely confined space, yet still organised enough to ensure a maintenance free system for the buildings facility manager for years to come.
Aks Hayer Project Manager for the conversion,
When we discovered a quality product that was competitively priced, fast to install and provide a space saving solution from PLASSON with their manifolds & MCP, we were not just impressed with product, but the labour time saved was substantial.
PLASSON supported this whole project from start to finish listening to our brief for the building and delivered.
They helped us work out the product requirements, provide a space saving solution and then delivered the products within days of placing the order. After installation was completed, they checked we were happy with the product before signing off the job.
Aks Hayer Project Manager for the conversion,
When the product arrived on site nicely packed in Plasson boxes, after unpacking I was surprised how straight forward and easy it was to assemble, how neat and tidy it looked and following testing and flushing we were delighted with the results.
Ashish Sudra Installation Manager,

The New PLASSON MCP system has been designed with the sole purpose of aiding developers and M&E companies control and distribute the supply of mains water coming into a building, in line with the requirements of all UK water utility companies.
The new one piece MCP unit has significantly reduced installation time and cost, when comparing to building each unit from individual fittings or using and adapting alternative one piece units from others. PLASSON have a unique product for this application.
With the addition of the new manifold fabrication department at Burgess Hill, bespoke manifold systems can be offered to suit the largely varying requirements found in this often neglected but vitally important part of any construction of new apartments.
PLASSON MCP System – the complete system offer for meter connection points in multi dwelling buildings.