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9 августа, 2022

PLASSON New Branch Saddle

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PLASSON has developed a new range of innovative designed branch saddles equipped with an integrated clamping mechanism for a quick,

easy and accessory free installation process.

The new branch saddles exceed the performance requirements of the toughest
national and international standards in the market.

Our new saddles offer an innovative design, simplifying the installation process by eliminating the need for dedicated clamping tools.

Single bolt

  • No clamping tools.
  • By tightening the bolt, the cables clamp the saddle to the pipe, ensuring a uniform high quality weld.

Full bore

  • Minimal head loss.
  • SDR 11 outlet suitable for electrofusion or butt weld connections.

Weld integrity test

  • Special test port is incorporated into the saddle, enabling pressure testing
    of the weld prior to cutting into the pipe mains.