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9 августа, 2022

G-PLASS — Trusted Gas Fitting

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PLASSON is proud to introduce its new innovative line of mechanical fittings for gas.

G-PLASS fittings are based on PLASSON’s extensive experience as the global market leader in the field of mechanical fittings, providing the widest and most trusted range of solutions for jointing of Polyethylene pipes since the early 1970’s!
High level of safety is the leading feature in the design of these fittings, based on well-established high-quality materials and a multiple sealing system working on both the external and internal surfaces of the pipe.
Featuring a simple and fast installation procedure, as well as some of PLASSON’s well-established mechanical fitting features.

PLASSON G-PLASS — Features and Benefits:

  • Designed, tested, and approved for use in gas systems in accordance with ISO 17885 standard.
  • Diameters 32-63 mm in various geometries: couplers, elbows, tees and threaded male transitions.
  • Fast and simple assembly, ideal for house connections.
  • Compact size — enables assembly in confined spaces.
  • Designed to accommodate PLASSON EFV (Excess Flow Valve).
  • Multiple sealing elements ensuring leak-tight assembly.
  • Full end load performance.
  • Approvals:
    ISO 17885 for Gas
    DVGW G 5600-2